by Val Sheppard

Outfit yourself for a Maple Leaf trip or just for around town, with our high-quality gear.

Maple Leaf's business operations manager, Val, in a cozy fleece

Maple Leaf Adventures has expanded its merchandise line for the 2011 season with some exciting Patagonia gear, which will be available starting in late Feburary.

Great Gear, and Environmentally Responsible, Too

Patagonia is a great fit for Maple Leaf Adventures, with their commitment to quality, the environment and fair labour standards, not only in Canada and the U.S., but also in the countries where their products are manufactured.  Through their Common Threads program, the company uses recycled polyester or nylon and organic rather than conventionally grown cottons.  You may also be interested to know that 90% of their spring 2011 merchandise is recyclable.

So what will be available for 2011?  We’ve chosen to offer a few key Patagonia products that our MLA gear experts ensure us will be of most value to our guests. Each will be embroidered with the Maple Leaf logo.

Windproof / Rain Jacket – Patagonia Torrentshell with Maple Leaf Logo

… for that west coast weather that we love, we will be offering the Torrentshell Jacket, in an array of men’s and women’s sizes and fabulous colours.

They’ll be embroidered with the Maple Leaf logo. Inquire

High Quality Fleece Sweater – Patagonia Araveto/Aravis with Maple Leaf Logo

For those dry, crisp days that we also love, or as a mid-layer under your jacket. Capt. Kevin Smith wore his nearly every day he had it last season and it still looks good enough to wear in town, too.  Inquire

Coming Soon … Binoculars

We are also in the process of working out the details with a supplier of quality binoculars – only the best for our Maple Leaf Adventures guests.  Stay tuned for more detail in that regard in our next newsletter.  Inquire

Ordering / Expressing Interest

For more information or to let us know you are interested, contact Valerie at 250-386-7245 or She will let you know as soon as the jackets arrive and what colours and sizes are available. She’ll also follow up with you when the binoculars are available to purchase. You can also let us know via our Contact form.