Explore the Alaska that locals know about.

  • Break the ice: Travel through sheer-sided glacial fjords, far from crowds, to the foot of tidal glaciers, where you will witness building-size icebergs calve from a glacier into the ocean below.
  • Whale watching: Cruise Alaska’s Fredrick Sound, a hot spot for humpback whales. Keep your eyes out for breaching, tail slapping and the famous coordinated group bubblenet feeding. Also: you may see orcas, porpoises and other marine mammals.
  • Discover bears: With our guides, you have exclusive access to remote and protected salmon streams at Pack Creek/Windfall Harbour, where brown bears (and their cubs) gather to feed.
  • Meet the experts: Join your naturalist on walks through estuaries, forests, bogs and beaches. Learn about their wonder and perhaps forage their tastes, too: sea asparagus, Alaskan blueberries, spruce tips and more.
  • Authentic, small-scale and local: With just 12 guests and special access permits from Tongass National Forest, this is the 10-11 day, award-winning trip (National Geographic Traveler ‘Best of the World’) for those who like personal, authentic adventures.