Prince Andrew on wilderness travel in Canada: It rekindles your youth – we agree

Prince Andrew addressing the participants of the Canadian Tourism Commission's "Canada Shared, Canada Squared" event featuring Signature Experiences, Canada House, Feb 28, 2013

Maureen is at an event in London mounted by the Canadian Tourism Commission to promote some of its “Signature Experiences” of Canada. (Maple Leaf Adventures has a signature experience – our Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) tour.)

It’s been a great day and a half of meeting kindred spirits who are as passionate about our amazing part of the world as we are.

One highlight tonight was what special surprise guest Prince Andrew of Great Britian said at the evening party, about wilderness journeys in Canada.

As a student in Ontario he caught a love of canoe expeditions in the Canadian wilderness, something he continues to do. Here is some of what he said about the spiritual impact of wilderness journeys to the people that take them:

“For some extraordinary reason, it rekindles your youth. I can’t describe why but it just does.

“So I would recommend, to those of you that are here from tour companies, that these are opportunities that are being offered that are truly unique in some circumstances and life changing in others.

“I’ve experienced it, and I have to say that I will continue to experience it.

“It’s a great pleasure to be able to recommend from a personal perspective some of the experiences that have been offered to you, and I can thoroughly recommend them all.”

– Prince Andrew speaking at the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Signature Experiences event in Canada House, London, UK, Feb 28, 2013.

We have seen time and again the joy and playfulness emerge in all of us – guests and crew alike – on our wilderness expedition cruises on the BC / Alaska coast. Well said, Prince Andrew!

Thanks Al of Canoe North Adventures for the inspiration (on both counts).