Haida Gwaii – Queen Charlotte Islands Tour Reports:

I’ve received a few quick posts from the ship this week, from our Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands tour. The ship is in Gwaii Haanas.

The fantastic humpbacks of Haida Gwaii. (c) Paul Smith

“A big push today under a bright blue sky and a following sea has rewarded us with reaching the deep-south of Gwaii Haanas – Kunghit Island.  The jubilant humpbacks were showing off the best of their tail-lobbing, fin-slapping, krill gulping moves all along our route from Juan Perez Sound.

“The anchor is down and we are home for the night.  Looking forward to a campfire and another fantastic sunset.”

“Coming off the deck into the wheelhouse, I can smell the wood smoke smell in my jacket from last night’s beach fire at the southern tip of Haida Gwaii.  The seas are calm and we are heading for my favorite beach [a totally isolated, white sand crescent beach, surrounded by rainforest and seabird islands].  Everything is good.”

“At Boles Point after a great day at the beach, and sailing around the southern tip of Haida Gwaii – Cape St. James! Two of our guests found a glass ball each on the beach. We’ll be at SGang Gwaay tomorrow morning.”

“Great float through Burnaby Narrows. Headed to Hot Springs Island now.”

Setting sails now. Surrounded by humpback whales and sun.”