Maple Leaf Summer Work Party Update

After travelling south for over a thousand nautical miles on two great trips, from Sitka, Alaska, to Vancouver Island, BC, the Maple Leaf approached the dock in Port McNeill on August 10.

It was time for her summer spa treatment — 5 days of tender loving care for this great ship after her spring and early summer trips.

We thought you would enjoy a few photos from that summer work party. Here is some of what we did:

  • Sanded and varnished the mahogany cap rails.
  • Sanded and varnished almost every piece of brightwork on deck, from the vent lids to the window frames, to the toe rails and butterfly hatches.
  • Sanded and repainted the bright red foredeck.
  • Sanded and painted the decks with Cetol.
  • Touched up the white paint on hull and steps where necessary.
  • Installed new wooded fridge lids, created this spring by Paul Smith.

Thanks to the Maple Leaf summer work party crew: Kevin Smith, Brandon Harvey, Paul Smith, Ashley Stocks, Skye Maitland, James Maine, Tavish Campbell, and Maureen Gordon.

View the full paint and varnish party slide show here.