Killer Whale and Humpback Whale Ringtones from Maple Leaf Adventures

Whale calls from your phone! How neat is that?

Maple Leaf Adventures is offering these ringtones as a free gift. They’re a bit of coastal wildlife to carry with you. Each is made from whale calls recorded during Maple Leaf expedition cruises in BC, Canada.

How to Download and Install These Ringtones Using iTunes

These are the instructions that worked for us with our iPhones. You may need to follow different steps for a different kind of phone. Consult your phone’s manual or a savvy friend.

humpback whaleCompatible Phones

These ringtones, in the m4r format, are reported to be compatible with iPhones, the latest Blackberrys, HTC Dream phones, Motorola Droid phones, Sony Ericsson phones (including K700 and W550 phones), Nokia XpressMusic, Nokia N- and E-series phones, and Windows Phone 7.

We cannot provide technical support or warranty for downloading, installing or using the ringtones or for your phone. By downloading these files you are indicating that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions, and hold Maple Leaf Adventures harmless from any loss, damage, work interruption associated with downloading, installing, or otherwise using the files. Sorry for all the legalese, but these days it’s a requirement! We hope you love the ringtones as much as we do!


1. Right-click on the link below for the ring-tone you’d like, and choose Save Linked File As or Save Target As.

2. Save it to your desktop.

  • (If you are on a Mac and Safari tells you you cannot save it as an m4r file, choose “Use Both” and then go to the file and delete the “.html” that Safari adds.)
  • Android users may have to save it as an .m4a file rather than a .m4r file.

3. Open iTunes and drag the ringtone into iTunes.  iTunes will install it under “Tones” or “Ringtones” in your library.

4. Sync it to your phone.

  • This works automatically for some; for others, in the Sync section of iTunes, go to Ringtones and choose the Ringtones to sync. Some people may have to manually drag the Ringtone to the phone icon that appears in the left menu bar in iTunes when you plug your phone into your computer and open iTunes.

5. Open your phone, and from the screen where you choose ringtones, choose the new one. (For iPhones, this is likely to be Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.) The whale ringtone will show up in the list of available choices.

About the RingtonesA12 matriarch

Where Did You Record These?

We were operating our expedition cruises by sailing ship at the time. We had guests aboard and had been listening to the whales using our ship’s hydrophone (a Inside Passage Mapmicrophone we put in the water, that is connected to a speaker on our ship.

The killer whale calls were recorded in a fjord on this map in the area called the Great Bear Rainforest, about midway up the inside passage.

The humpback whale calls were recorded in the archipelago of Haida Gwaii on the western side of this map.

How Can I Learn More About Your Trips?

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