Special Offers

Free Flights on 2018 Great Bear Rainforest Autumn Trips on Cascadia if Booked by May 31, 2018

In celebration of Cascadia’s inaugural trips in the Great Bear Rainforest, we’re giving you a special liftoff!
Book your 2018 Great Bear Rainforest Autumn trip on Cascadia before May 31, 2018 and receive free flights between Vancouver and the start and finish points of your trip. Est $750 value per person.

Conditions and Details

  • You must book and pay for your trip by May 31, 2018 in order to receive the free flights.
  • If you cancel your trip, you will lose the fights, which will revert to Maple Leaf Adventures.
  • You will receive your flight confirmation after you have paid your final balance.
  • You must accept the travel date and flight booking provided by the travel agency working with Maple Leaf Adventures.
  • You are responsible for any baggage fees the airline levies for your luggage.
  • The flight value is not redeemable for cash or trip credit if you decline the flights; it is not transferable to another person; it is not for use
  • Maple Leaf Adventures is not liable for any failure on your part to check in or check in on time, nor for any rebooking costs you might incur, and is under no obligation to change our departure time to accommodate a flight you missed. Private transportation to the ship in the wilderness is very expensive. Please check in for your flight on time.
  • Maple Leaf Adventures is under no obligation to change our departure time to accommodate late luggage.
  • The seats are economy fares; there is only one class of seating on these local, coastal flights.
  • Please note, this flight is operated by Pacific Coastal Airlines and / or Air Canada. Maple Leaf Adventures is not responsible or liable for the flight or your baggage.
  • We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Big Savings on USD Exchange Rate

As of late 2016, the Canadian dollar is substantially lower than the US dollar.

As a result, when you convert the price of our trips to USD, it works out to about 25% less. (Even our Alaska trips, which are priced in Canadian dollars.) 

For example, on Nov 2, 2016, 1 Canadian dollar was worth 73 cents USD. So a trip that is priced at CAD $5,000 is about USD $3650!


Full Ship Charters & Family-Friends Trips

Take your family and friends for a journey through the natural and cultural history of the British Columbia / Alaska coast.

Our boutique ships are perfect for full ship charters – an extended family can fill a ship for a personalized trip. (Contact us about the possibility of larger groups.)

And, you can charter an entire trip with fewer people than a full ship, too!

What’s Included

  • All trip logistics and planning based on your interests and our expertise in the area
  • All accommodations and cruising from the trip’s designated start point to the trip’s designated end point
  • All meals and snacks by our personal chef, and all beverages including wine and beer
  • All shore excursions and guiding
  • Use of gear on board including kayaks, fishing gear and other items
  • Interpretation from our naturalists who include top scientists and educators
  • Conversations with leaders on the coast – First Nations leaders, researchers, and others we meet along the way
  • Personalized care and attention by Maple Leaf’s stellar crew and staff
  • Assistance with your travel arrangements
  • Not included: In Canada, 5% GST (goods and services tax) and the $100 sustainability fee per person; in Alaska, the $100 sustainability fee per person. Any tip you might wish to leave your crew. Travel to and from the ship (unless otherwise specified). A fishing licence if you want to buy one.

Full Ship Charter Bookings vs. Family and Friends Trips (Booking As Individuals)

1. Full Ship Charter for Up to 12 Guests Across 6 Cabins

  • Chartering a full trip as a group with one payment for deposit and one payment for final balance.
  • If a member of the group decides they cannot come, the booking still stands at the same price because the trip is the exclusive charter of the entire ship.
  • On the tugboat Swell: Is for up to 12 guests. The fare is the equivalent of the fare for 12 guests, plus the sustainability fee and GST.
  • On the schooner Maple Leaf: Is for up to 8 guests*. The fare is the equivalent of the fare for 8 guests, plus the sustainability fee and GST. *Contact us about a possible additional guest or two on the Maple Leaf only.

2. Family-Friends Trip with Individual Bookings

  • Exclusive right to book onto a trip for a set period of time, in order for a series of friends and family members to all book the same trip together.
  • Includes a deadline after which other people can book onto the trip if it is not fully booked by the friends and family members.
  • Does not exclusively reserve the trip, unless the trip is filled up by the friends/ family members.
  • Each party books and pays individually. If they cancel, the regular booking refund policy applies. Their place would be filled either by other friends/family members in the group or by other people who would like to book on the trip. This is governed by the exclusive booking deadline.

3. For School or Youth Trips:

Maple Leaf Adventures has been offering leadership, life skills, biology and sail training expeditions for youth since 1986. Our clients include the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, the Girl Guides of Canada, and schools. For numbers, options and pricing, please contact us.

For Other Events: 

Contact us for details.

Trips do start filling early, so to reserve a full ship charter, please contact us as soon as you are able, so that you can get the dates you want.