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Inspire and educate the next generation with a unique sail training experience in coastal British Columbia.

About Our Youth Programs

For decades, Maple Leaf Adventures has taught groups of all ages to sail the Maple Leaf and to appreciate the wildlife and culture of the coast.

Maple Leaf Adventures and the SV Maple Leaf was the official sail training vessel for the youth of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets for twenty-five years. Today, we run sail training trips with school groups from around BC. 

Our staff includes some of the leading scientists, educators and community members on the coast. Between them they have had years of experience as educators, mariners, and sailing instructors. They have published scores of books and articles, developed many curricula, won many awards, and trained Canada’s youth delegation to the Rio Earth Summit. Our crew are patient and enthusiastic instructors whose students excel.

The Benefits Of Our Programs

Empowering youth while providing life-changing experiences.

Team Building

There’s no better place to build camaraderie than under sail. Through hands-on experience, our programs help young people learn to work together effectively and cohesively as a team.

Tall Ship Sail Training

Programs provide a unique opportunity for youth to learn about sailing, while also developing personal and social skills. Students will learn how to navigate the ship, hoist and lower sails, tie knots, and work together as a team.

Leadership Training

We help young people develop leadership skills such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. Participants learn how to lead and inspire others to achieve their full potential.

Coastal Biology

As we cruise along the beautiful B.C. coast, rich with nature and beautiful habitats, we stop at times for exploration hikes and other on-shore activities, and enjoy and learn about local wildlife and ecosystems.

Coastal History

Expeditions provide a unique perspective on the cultural and historical significance of the places we visit. Students will gain a 21st century appreciation for the age-old traditions of sailing a tall ship.

Environmental Stewardship

Through hands-on experience and education, young people learn about the importance of conservation efforts to protect vulnerable species and ecosystems.

What To Expect

With a focus on character building through sail training, students will gain a 21st century appreciation for the age-old traditions of sailing a tall ship and the life skills inherent in the practice. 

Every job on board a sailing vessel carries real responsibility with it.  Every act has at its root the care and safety of the ship and its crew.  

We hope that this trip will have a profound and lasting effect on every student that voyages on Maple Leaf

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about our youth programs.

Our education and sail training trips are designed for students between the ages of 12 and 18 years old.

Maple Leaf, a safe and comfortable 92-foot, classic wooden schooner built in Vancouver in 1904, with a pedigree as a luxury yacht and a tough long-liner. She has a rich history of operation on the BC coast and an enviable reputation as both a beautiful and sea-worthy vessel.

No previous sailing experience is necessary to participate in our youth programs. Our experienced crew will teach students all they need to know. We are patient instructors and delight in helping people learn.

We are usually able to accommodate up to 17 students—plus our Maple Leaf crew and any additional chaperones of your choice.

Students will need to be prepared for the elements and the varied weather that the coast has to offer. In general, students should pack warm, waterproof clothing, comfortable shoes with non-slip soles, and personal items such as toiletries. Don’t worry, we will provide a detailed packing list prior to the trip!

To set up an educational or sail training trip on the Maple Leaf, simply fill out the Inquiry Form linked below or call our helpful office team. Each trip is unique and undergoes a tailored booking process.

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