About Maple Leaf Adventures

Pioneers of Regenerative Travel on the Coast

Selected for Canada’s “Signature Experiences Collection” by the Canadian Tourism Commission, Maple Leaf Adventures has provided big adventures aboard small ships in BC and Alaska since 1986.

Our Company


With a reputation as one of Canada’s top operators of small ship cruises, our multi-day excursions give guests one-of-a-kind experiences in some of the most beautiful and rare places in the world, often in areas that were once under threat of destruction or in dire need of protection. Our strong expedition ships are also heritage pieces themselves.

As a long-time practitioner of ecotourism, Maple Leaf Adventures pioneered travel in BC’s Great Bear Rainforest and northwestern Vancouver Island and has made significant contributions to conservation. National Geographic Adventure has rated Maple Leaf Adventures one of the “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth”.

Maple Leaf Adventures has been awarded the Parks Canada Sustainable Tourism Award, for promoting the appreciation of Canada’s natural, cultural and aesthetic heritage, while also protecting them.

Our Vision

Maple Leaf Adventures is dedicated to creating a sustainable tourism industry in British Columbia and southeast Alaska that respects and gives back to the environment and communities of the coast. With a commitment to eco-tourism principles, our high-quality adventures provide special access to the wildlife, landscapes, culture, and nature of the coast, while also providing the excitement of an adventure by ship.

At Maple Leaf Adventures, everything we do reflects our core values of:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Celebration of our natural history
  • Personalized and warm interactions with everyone
  • Fostering the local economy
  • Connections with science and discovery,
  • Leaving the world better than we found it, and
  • General excellence.

With an all-local crew and guides who share our passion for the coast, we are proud to call this spectacular region our home, and we are excited to share its wonders with you. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that is both exhilarating and sustainable.

Why Travel with Maple Leaf Adventures?

Feel The Coast’s Hugeness

The proximity you will feel to the coast’s mountains, forest and islands is incomparable with any other form of water travel. Sail with an escort of dolphins. Feel the spray from waterfalls beside us. Walk in ancient forests that are cathedrals of green.

Access To The Best Places

Maple Leaf Adventures has been awarded special access permits to protected areas, allowing you entry to worlds most people will never see. Our relationships can also give access to special cultural sites, and scientists in the field.

Timed For Peak Wildlife Events

Our trips are timed to coincide with great natural events, ensuring sightings of a fantastic variety of wildlife including bears, whales, dolphins and hundreds of species of birds.

Gorgeous Classic Ships With Comfortable Finishings

Our ships are beautiful wooden ships, built locally, with long histories on the coast. So as you walk the deck, you are having a truly coastal experience, connected to more than a century of history.

The Excitement Of A Real Journey

Travelling with a small group of guests means that your experience, while carefully planned, is also natural and spontaneous. Your journey is personalised, not limited by the barriers used to manage large groups.

Full, But Unhurried, Days

Our days are full but our pace is unhurried, giving time to linger with whales, sketch in a Haida village, beachcomb, and walk ancient forests. We go ashore often to experience the entire place, not just the view.

Locals Of The Coast

Your trips are developed and operated by us—expert mariners, naturalists, guides and managers who have grown up exploring the coast and who want you to experience the best of the best.

Cultural History

Coastal First Nations guides work with us and share their long history and knowledge of the land and sea.

Travel With Purpose

Learn about our conservation-based economy, and how we operate in symbiosis with the environment and Indigenous communities.

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Kevin’s Story

Kevin Smith, the president of Maple Leaf Adventures, has explored the coast by boat since before he could ride a bike. As a young backcountry and marine park ranger, Kevin witnessed the incredible power and beauty of nature, often alone on his patrol boat. He wanted to share it with others.

Kevin is a geographer by training, and he knows the best experiences are beyond roads’ reach. To truly explore the landscapes, wildlife and culture of the coast, you need to go by water. But not in the traditional manner, with thousands of people on a huge cruise ship. He wanted to share the glory of the coast as he had gotten to know it.

After all, that’s the dream that brings us – and you – together.

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Every Crew Member has a Breadth of Experience to Share

They are leaders in their fields who share a common love of the coast’s natural and cultural history.


Our skippers are well-trained and well-certified, they are experienced wilderness expedition leaders and coastal navigators.

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Naturalists are a companion of our curious guests, providing captivating narration, pre-planned activities, and hands-on science.

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Talented guides and capable mariners, who put their heart into this great vision for the kind of travel we offer.

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Management & HQ Team

The team in the city that gets things done. Supporting the operation and building a place for ecotourism on the coast.

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Special Resource People

Remarkable individuals who enhance the overall experience and foster a deeper appreciation for the nature and culture of the coast.

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Creative, talented and inspired by the coast; our chefs provide comfort after a big day exploring rugged shores and rainforest.

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Safety & Expertise

When we do something, we do it right.

Experience the beauty of the Canadian wilderness with Maple Leaf Adventures, where safety is our number one priority. Our expert guides and crew members are equipped to provide you with a thrilling and safe experience. You’ll explore remote coastal regions, encounter stunning wildlife, and discover the magic of our coast in a responsible way.

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Awards & Accolades

Maple Leaf Adventures has won multiple awards for its commitment to environmental stewardship, conservation, and outstanding travel experiences.

    Canada’s Signature Experiences

    Chosen by the Canadian Tourism Commission as one of Canada’s top experiences. Perennial.

    Gold Sustainable Tourism Certification

    Certified at the top-level for sustainable tourism by Green Tourism Canada.

    Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award

    The award celebrates our exceptional experiences and unwavering commitment to outstanding travel.

    Safe Travels Certification

    The specially designed stamp recognizes the standard of our health and hygiene protocols.

    Business Of The Year – Chamber Of Commerce, Greater Victoria

    Awarded in 2020 for our fundamentals, excellence and engagement in the community.

    Best Boutique Cruise Line Winner, USA Today’s 10Best Reader’s Choice Awards

    Top boutique cruise lines in the world as chosen by readers. 2020.

    Premier’s Award – Regional Impact

    The Clean Coast, Clean Waters initiative created to fund our marine debris removal initiative, won this award for incredible regional impact. 2021.

    Adventure Green Alaska

    Sustainable tourism certification for Alaska.

    Remarkable Experience Award – Tourism Vancouver Island

    Awarded in honour of our Salish Sea with Canadian Geographic expedition.

    Best Travel Experience & Trip of a Lifetime

    1 of 7 of the best travel experiences in Canada, according to Frommer’s.

    Canada’s Absolute Best Eco-Adventure Tours

    The best adventures selected for both quality and environmental ethics by Flight Centre.

    Fodor’s World’s Best Cruises

    1 of 15 of the best boat-based adventures in the world.

    World’s Best Adventure Cruise Holidays

    As chosen by AOL UK Travel.

    Top 15 Eco-Adventures in Canada

    As selected by Expedia.

    Best of the World

    As awarded by National Geographic Traveler for our Great Bear Rainforest trip.

    10 Notable Ships Built in BC

    As featured by the Vancouver Sun.

    Outside Travel Award – Best Islands

    Awarded to Haida Gwaii, a Maple Leaf Adventure.

    Parks Canada Sustainable Tourism Award – National Winner

    Chosen by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada.

    50 Tours of a Lifetime

    Awarded to our Great Bear Rainforest Trip by National Geographic Traveler.

Our Photographers

Capturing the Essence of Your Adventure

Our multi-talented crew includes some excellent photographers, not only experienced in the technical aspects of photography but the natural world around you. There are no fancy set-ups, no waiting for days for the perfect conditions. With their knowledge and guidance, you’ll have the opportunity to capture incredible moments too.

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Take on new challenges, work alongside a capable crew who become like family at sea, and soak up the best of the BC and Alaskan coast—with a constantly changing office view.

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