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Wild Geography Accessible by Air, Ferry or Road

Detailed, trip-specific information is available for each trip and is provided after booking. This is an overview so that you can understand how the travel would generally work. Please do not book nonrefundable airfare before getting the boarding and disembarking times for your trip.

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Planning Your Air Travel

You will receive more guidance in your Welcome Aboard package. We also welcome any questions you may have.


Contact information for taxi companies is provided to you before your tour, should you need to call the taxi upon your arrival. At the end of your tour, your captain will arrange a taxi pick up at the marina to take you to the airport. In regional areas where taxi services are not readily available, Maple Leaf Adventures will arrange to shuttle you to the start of your tour.

Please do not book nonrefundable airfare before getting the boarding and disembarking times for your trip.

Planning Your Ferry Travel

You will receive more guidance in your Welcome Aboard package. We also welcome any questions you may have.


Travelling by ferry requires careful planning and sometimes a car.

In Canada, ferries are operated by BC Ferries. In Alaska, ferries are operated by the Alaska State Ferry Corporation.

These are general guidelines, we advise you refer to your Welcome Aboard package for specific details on getting to your trip and wait for your booking confirmation before arranging any travel. In this package, you’ll also find recommendations for places you may wish to stay before or after your trip.

What Else to Consider

Planning Your Road Trip

You will receive more guidance in your Welcome Aboard package. We also welcome any questions you may have.


Parking is available at many of the marinas we depart from, including Campbell River, Kitimat, Nanaimo, Port McNeill and Sidney. Please consult your Welcome Aboard package for up-to-date information and applicable fees, or ask our team if you are unsure.

Our Policies

We share your enthusiasm as you embark on this extraordinary journey. Read more about our policies and safety proceedures.

Booking & Cancellation Policies

Before you book, be sure to read our flexible Booking and Cancellation Policies.

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Communicable Disease Policies & Practices

Be informed about our communicable disease procedures, to ensure a safe and remarkable voyage for all guests.

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Preparing for a Trip

Getting Ready for Your Adventure. Still Need Assistance? Refer to Our Frequently Asked Questions or Inquire With Your Questions.

Check your How to Get Here document for information specific to your trip. Some trips include airport pickup due to the challenging logistics in some communities for guests. Others do not, as guests like flexible options for getting to trips in other communities. If you cannot locate your How to Get Here document, please contact the office ASAP. At the end of your trip, your ship’s Captain will call for a shuttle or taxi to take you from the ship’s location to the airport. Check your How to Get Here document for whether this is included in your fare or not. If it is not, please be prepared to pay a cash fare, as in many small coastal towns these services are cash only.

You will not need your hiking boots. Most of our shore trips require the use of rain boots which we can provide for you. In some cases people will choose to change out of their rain boots and into walking, running or hiking shoes.

We advise against boots as they are bulky, heavy, and not necessary, as we are not doing extensive hiking. Shoes are softer and more flexible than hiking boots, aren’t as tricky to fit, and don’t need breaking in. They are a good choice for dry weather and gentler terrain, though some proponents argue they’re also better in wet conditions than hiking boots.

Yes. Both rain jacket and rain pants. Coastal BC is a rainforest and while your trip may have lots of sun, it is possible it could rain. It’s best to be prepared. Gore-tex is great and breathable, very comfortable, but not mandatory. Any coated nylon or rubber rain gear will work as well. Make sure your gear is 100% waterproof. Windbreakers will not be sufficient, nor will cheap plastic.

You will enjoy your trip even more with the proper gear. There is a famous saying we all heed: there is no bad weather, just bad clothing.

We do have rubber boots we are happy to lend to you. Just let us know your shoe size on your questionnaire. However, we do not have rain jackets and pants. You should bring your own. See our packing list for further information on appropriate footwear and gear.

No. These are remote wilderness locations. Our trips are ‘unplugged’: There is no internet access and very rarely cell phone reception. We hope you see this as a positive, as it allows you to fully experience the rich coastal environment, without disruption.

Yes, 24/7 you can plug into power outlets and charge your camera or other batteries. There are power outlets in your accommodations.

The weather on the coast is certainly changeable. The south-easterlies bring rain, while the north-westerlies bring clear, but cooler weather. These winds vary from light to strong throughout the season. Temperatures vary from cool to hot (generally from 8°C to 25°C/46°F to 80°F) and in our experience, there is always more sun than folklore suggests. Inside, the ship is warm and dry. Being on the water and making way generates a breeze over the deck. Thus, when the ship is underway, it can feel cooler than when we are stopped. See our suggested packing list for how to pack to properly enjoy your trip.

You may have an opportunity to occasionally fish aboard on your trip. We have several rods and sets of gear that you are welcome to use. Please note that fishing is NOT a focus of our trips, but rather an extra activity, and no amount of fishing is guaranteed.

Please note: We currently only offer fishing on our trips in British Columbia, and not on our trips in the Salish Sea / Gulf Islands region.

If you would like to try your hand at catching something, you will need to purchase a saltwater fishing license before arriving aboard. The easiest method to purchase your fishing license is online. Each person who wishes to fish must purchase a separate licence.

To purchase a fishing licence online, follow these steps:

For British Columbia, Canada trips:

  1. Visit
  2. In the search box, type Get BC Tidal Waters Fishing Licence.
  3. Under Recreational licenses, click Apply for a BC Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence for saltwater fishing.
  4. Complete the application form. Remember to print the licence at the end and bring it with you, or save it to your mobile device in order to be able to provide proof of your licence if requested by a Fisheries Officer.

If you are on one of our trips travelling in Alaska or the Gulf Islands trips: We will not be offering fishing in the Gulf Islands to help protect the depleting fish stocks in that area. We will also not be fishing in Alaska due to regulation requirements.

If you arrive early or stay later in Alaska and are excited to fish, we recommend you contact a local guide to take you out. You can find recommendations on TripAdvisor.

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