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Witness grizzly bears foraging in spring green. During the summer, be amazed by epic whale encounters. In the fall, follow magnificent runs of wild salmon to the home of the elusive Spirit Bear.


Reconnect With Nature, Raw & Unfiltered

Shake off the winter and join nature’s celebration of life. The mountaintops are still snow-covered but the valley bottoms are cloaked in fresh green. Shorelines bustle with wildflowers and wildlife, as they all take advantage of the season of growth and renewal. Birdsong and sightings are common, as well as bears foraging on the sedges.

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Coastal Safaris In Whale-Rich Channels

Summer offers peak opportunity to explore the marine world, river systems, and white-sandy beaches, where the only footprints you’re likely to find belong to the elusive coastal wolf.

From coastal shorelines to electric-blue icebergs, glistening glacier-fed tidewaters to the lush canopies of ancient rainforest. There are few roads, so our coastal safari moves on coastal yachts, with groups led ashore each day by local guides and naturalists.

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Make The Season Of Change Life-Changing

Mid-August and late October are a peak time to travel to the Pacific Northwest due to the Pacific salmon’s return to their natal creeks to spawn. These spawning grounds are a smorgasbord for resident wildlife; marine mammals hunt the salmon in the sea, bears, wolves and eagles hunt them in the creeks. It’s importantly also the best time of year for a chance to see the rare white-furred Spirit Bear.

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