“Your whole life should be lived as a heroic deed.” – Leo Tolstoy

Part of changing the world is creating the conditions to support the change. It’s worth the effort.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping change our economy to a regenerative or conservation-based one. Part of doing that is advocating—educating power and helping create a world that can support the change.

This work is often strategic, and long-term, with our time and money committed now, to create results for the future. It’s collaborative work, with people in other parts of industry and society.


Organizations we have co-founded or are members of. Some focus on ecotourism industry development, some on conservation/regeneration, some are nations we have established formal protocols or other agreements with.

Collaborating on Marine Debris

Making Change During the Pandemic

When the pandemic threatened our survival, we collaborated with industry colleagues, coastal First Nations, transportation businesses and the BC government’s Clean Coast, Clean Waters initiative to create one of the world’s largest-ever marine debris clean-ups. The results: 750,000 pounds of marine debris removed from the remote Great Bear Rainforest coastline, saving hundreds of jobs and five companies during the pandemic, as well as creating momentum for Clean Coast, Clean Waters to remove a total of 2 million pounds of debris from the entire BC coast from 2020-2021.

Ending Trophy Hunting of Grizzly Bears in BC

For over two decades, conservation groups and 90% of the citizens of BC wanted to end the killing of grizzly bears for sport. The provincial government’s resistance was immense. But a collaborative, province-wide effort between citizens, conservation organizations, Coastal First Nations, and the ecotourism industry finally resulted in the end of the hunt on Nov 30, 2017. Our industry group, the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of BC, was instrumental in providing the government with the assurance that the decision was good for BC jobs and economy. This is just one of many conservation campaigns we have lent our shoulder to, from the effort to keep heavy oil supertankers out of the Great Bear Rainforest, to protecting wild salmon and the rainforest itself.

Industry and Government Working Groups

We believe change comes through working together. We dedicate time and money to co-create and support associations to build sustainable tourism. We also dedicate time to serving on industry-government working groups. Communication, education, planning, designing and building solutions are part of this work.

Regenerative Travel

Learn more about our values and mission to use our business as a force for good.

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