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Our staff have all travelled aboard the Maple Leaf and will use their experience, combined with listening to what you wish to do and see, to find the best trip for you:
Wild Life, Culinary, & Tasting Adventures, Family, First Nations Art & CulturePaintingPhotography, Sailing, Youth Programs, Gwaii Haanas.

Small Ship Expedition Cruises by Sail

Wild Life

Almost all of our boutique expeditions could be called wildlife cruises – for the British Columbia and Alaska coast is rich in life. From the tiny, almost-alien worlds of the intertidal zone to giant whales and charismatic bears, there is a lot to delight in.


Culinary & Tasting Adventures

On each tour enjoy exquisite meals prepared daily with fresh ingredients by our on board chef. Delicious creations will flow from the galley as fresh baked goods emerge during coffee and tea time. Each meal is prepared with great thought and precision.



With the option of either chartering the whole ship or joining other guests on a regular trip, Maple Leaf Adventures will ensure that your family receives the quality adventure you are seeking.



With two masts and five incredible sails, the Maple Leaf is a great sight when under sail, and an even greater feeling. The ideal vessel for a sailing vacation. On a Maple Leaf sailing trip, you can assist crew hoisting the main and foresail to experience first-hand what it is like to sail a classic wooden vessel. Once the sails are set take hold of the helm and feel in your hands the power of the wind and sail as they work together to bring momentum to the ship.


First Nations Art & Culture

All throughout the coast Maple Leaf Adventures tours travel through traditional lands of Coastal First Nations. As we travel we respect and recognize the traditional territories we are in. We ensure that as we tour to significant cultural sites we have the appropriate permission to do so.  


Gwaii Haanas

Sketching at Saturna Island, over Boundary Pass, BC. Photo by Kevin Smith


Let landscapes, natural history, and culture inspire your artistic side on a tour that encourages painting and provides excellent instruction. Join an expert naturalist and painting instructor on a journey where the studio is among islands and in the afternoon light of the forest. 

Photography Great Bear Rainforest


Discover a vibrant colourful world throughout the temperate rainforest, coastal islands, and deep fjords that will inspire the photographer in you.  Dramatic landscapes with cascading waterfalls, towering mountain peaks, idyllic islands, lush green forests, and ocean sunsets come into focus throughout our journeys. 


Youth Programs

Maple Leaf youth education and sail training programs provide exceptional experiences:

  • Team-building
  • Tall ship sail training
  • Leadership training
  • Coastal biology
  • Coastal history

For over two decades, Maple Leaf Adventures has taught groups of all ages to sail Maple Leaf and to appreciate the wildlife and culture of the coast.