We design our company to have a symbiotic relationship with the natural world that gives us our life and livelihood.

Conservation As Part of Our Economy

Maple Leaf Adventures is committed to creating a great sustainable tourism industry in British Columbia and southeast Alaska.

We provide high-quality adventures, following the principles of eco-tourism, where we not only respect the environment and communities of our coast, but we give back to protect and regenerate, too. We do this through donations, direct action (usually in collaboration with others), and in how we design our operations.

Our Partners

Some focus on ecotourism industry development, some on conservation, some are nations we have established formal protocol agreements with.

Donations to Conservation

Including Our 1% For The Planet “Self-Tax” for the Earth

Part of giving back to our ecosystems is to fund the great work of groundbreaking organizations. Whether its gathering needed baseline data on wildlife populations, stopping trophy hunting and oil tankers in the Great Bear Rainforest, or other efforts, these people do great work that brings real change for good. We fund many recipients through our 1% For The Planet commitment – a third-party certified program to donate 1% of revenues to conservation. But we also support other organizations, too, outside of that.

Direct Action

When Doing It Ourselves Makes the Biggest Difference

As businesses, we have a voice and capabilities for achieving goals that allow us to make a difference. This takes many forms, from working with governments to help them understand the power of our nature-based economy or the value of living wildlife; or writing articles advocating for our natural coast; or organizing efforts like our never-before-done – and very collaborative – marine debris removal expedition…the list goes on.

Our Operations

Triple Bottom Line Decision-Making and Constant Improvement

We always look for ways to be better for our community and our planet. These values are enshrined in our shareholders agreement, where environmental, social and financial considerations have equal weight. (This is unusual and it was almost unheard of in 2001, when the agreement was created.)

We also spend time and money to make our ships and tenders ever more greener year over year, from electric engines in Cascadia’s tenders, to reducing Cascadia’s carbon emissions by 40% through new engines, reducing her relatively quiet engine noise even further with anti-vibration mounts, above-water exhausts to keep the ships quiet for marine mammals, local sourcing, serving only Oceanwise seafood, anti-pollution controls, re-use and recycling of all kinds of substances and materials, leaving no structures or trace on the landscape, and respecting the carrying capacity of coastal inlets and villages by keeping the number of guests we travel with small.

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