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Since 1986, our small ship cruises have taken people into the spectacular natural world of British Columbia and Alaska’s Inside Passage.

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Areas We Explore

Each destination we offer is a unique part of this spectacular coast—scenery, wildlife, and culture are different. Our local knowledge and our generations of history exploring this coast give you a very personalized and rich experience.

British Columbia

The true beauty of British Columbia lies in its wild and rugged landscape. From old-growth rainforests and rugged mountains to vast networks of fjords and inlets.

Our wilderness expeditions provide unparalleled access to its hidden wonders, with the opportunity to witness breathtaking coastal scenery home to bears, eagles, whales, and more. Gumboots are standard footwear, time is marked by the rise and fall of the tide, and the ocean is our road.

BC’s unique geography and natural resources, such as cedar and salmon, are intertwined with its abundant coastal towns and First Nations communities, which have developed a rich and continuing culture of music, art, and storytelling here.

The small size of our ships, combined with our special access permits and knowledgeable and well-connected crew, take you to a world where the most important decision is which place to explore next.


From glaciers and icebergs to brown bears and rainforests, to historic towns: the Alaska Inside Passage’s charms are as vast as its wide-open channels. Typical wildlife sightings include brown bears, humpback whales, and sea otters in their natural habitat.

Our Alaska small ship tours take guests on an exploration of it all, from historic Ketchikan to glacier-hewn fjords, to Admiralty Island’s rugged terrain and brown bears, the waterfall-fed Baranof Island, and the diverse ecology of Chichagof Island and the west-coast world of Sitka.

Features Of Our Boutique Expeditions

We experience the entire environment on our trips, not just the “viewscape”. Each day we awake in an anchorage, explore ashore and along the coastline by foot, by zodiac, kayak and aboard our yachts. We experience the magic of different habitats and the special life that inhabits each area. 

Wildlife And Nature

Each trip is timed to coincide with peak wildlife phenomena, such as whale and seabird migrations or the presence of bears in key viewing areas. Our guides live on the coast and have access to the best places—where many types of operators are forbidden to go. Your experience will be enhanced by learning from the coast’s best naturalists.

Coastal Cultures

Human civilizations have existed on this coast since at least the last ice age, if not far longer. There is a rich cultural history here, both of First Nations cultures and of more recent pioneer cultures. Your learning about these cultures includes visits to important sites and conversations and interpretations with residents of the areas we visit.

We Take Your Interests Into Consideration

Want to get the best angles for photography? Help sail a schooner? Stay a long time in a Haida village? Watch these whales for hours? Learn the name of every plant? Because of our small guest numbers, we take your interests into account when making our sailing plan.

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