Haida Gwaii

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Explore the rich indigenous culture and natural history of Haida Gwaii by expedition cruise.

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Haida Gwaii

Cruise to the Galapagos of the North

Haida Gwaii, briefly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, is an archipelago of islands on the continental shelf off Canada’s west coast.

On an 8-day tour by land and sea, you’ll explore the famed, rich marine life and rainforests, as well as the Haida culture. Our small ship tours offer special access to the whole archipelago, from north to south, ancient to modern, including Gwaii Haanas and UNESCO World Heritage Site SGang Gwaay (Ninstints).


On a tour with Maple Leaf Adventures, you will learn about the natural and cultural history of Haida Gwaii, in a fun and explorative manner that leaves nature how we found it.

Remote Landscape

Cruise into Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site.

Ancient Village Sites

Witness the remains of big houses and ancient memorial poles.

Rich Storytelling

Listen to the stories and knowledge of Haida Guardian Watchmen, many part of our guiding crew.

Remarkable Wildlife

See humpback whales, puffin colonies, or foraging black bears in their natural habitat.

Experience Haida Gwaii

See what it’s like to explore Haida Gwaii aboard Maple Leaf Adventures tour.


See why our Haida Gwaii tours were selected as one of Destination Canada’s Signature Experiences.

  • Frequent shore trips (moderate walking)
  • Marine mammal viewing
  • Natural history with illuminating guides
  • Visit ancient village sites
  • Beachcomb and land on remote islands
  • Cruising in small boats (tenders or zodiacs)
  • Whale and bird watching
  • Talks with engaging naturalists and Haida storytellers
  • Cultural Interpretation and story telling
  • Kayaking and fishing opportunities

What People Say

What guests like you loved about our trips to Haida Gwaii.

    I love the beauty and serenity of Haida Gwaii, which the most wonderful captain and crew helped us sample and appreciate. A true connection with nature at its purest. Thanks to all on the Maple Leaf who made it happen – and to my fellow guests who were delightful. And the food – Magnifique!

    Nancy Tomich, Solana Beach, CA

    “HAIDA GWAII ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! If you want to rejuvenate your spirit, share wonderful daily adventures with like-minded new friends, and be treated like family by a crew who obviously respect one another and the incredible environment they interpret with such knowledge and passion, this is the trip for you!”

    Marilyn & Helios Hernande, Winnipeg, MB

    “What an incredible experience!  Where do I begin?  I appreciated: care for safety – good communication – incredible food – accommodating to every request – sensitivity to environment – respect for First Nations – flexibility of plans – good humour and consideration.  And what an adventure!  Sailing – whale watching – hot springs – crazy weather – Haida sites- etc, etc.  If I can make it happen I’ll be back.  Wonderful crew without exception.  Mahalo Howa (thank you)!”

    Valerie Walsh, Gabriola Island, BC

    “After 14 years of dreaming of this trip together, Bill and I have our very own special memories aboard Maple Leaf.  “A dream come true”.  Thank you, Kevin and crew, for making my trip a very memorable adventure.”

    – Helen Kendall

Featured Wildlife

How It’s Meant To Be Seen

Uncover remarkable wildlife in some of the richest natural habitats on earth, accessible only by small ship travel.

Baleen Whales

Humpbacks and fin whales grace these coastal waters, showcasing impressive size and captivating behaviours.


On rare occasions, encounter killer whales as they navigate the waters in family pods.

Pacific White-Sided Dolphins

Known for their acrobatic displays and swift movements, watch for this species riding the ship’s bow.

Fascinating Intertidal Life

Explore the intertidal zones and discover sea stars, anemones, moon snails, and more.

Cultural & Natural History

Haida Gwaii is an archipelago of islands separated from the rest of BC by an incredible body of water, Hecate Strait. Formerly called the Queen Charlotte Islands, the traditional name was restored to represent the heritage and continued cultures of the Haida People who flourish in this region.

Gwaii Haanas, the southern portion of Haida Gwaii, is rich in culture and natural history, and inaccessible by road.

The Haida welcome us into ancient village sites, such as UNESCO World Heritage Site SGang Gwaay (Ninstints), where ancient poles still stand. Others, such as Tanu, where you will marvel at the mossy depressions where big houses once stood.

Place of Wonder

Travel deep into Gwaii Haanas “Place of Wonder” on a Haida Gwaii tour, where you will walk among ancient monumental poles and house remains.

Haida guides will explain the purpose of the poles and the lives their ancestors lived. The overall sense of power found in these villages is unforgettable.

Canadian Signature Experience

We are proudly recognized as one of Destination Canada’s Signature Experiences for our Haida Gwaii tours.

Haida Gwaii Itineraries

We explore Haida Gwaii aboard our luxury catamaran, Cascadia, and heritage schooner, Maple Leaf. Find your adventure below.

  • Haida Gwaii

    Discover the rich indigenous culture and natural wonder of Haida Gwaii. 8 to 9 days from the northern town of Masset to the southern reaches of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

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