Gulf Islands

Hidden Islands Beyond the Ferry Route

Delve into an odyssey through geologic and human timescales

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Gulf Islands

Sheltered, islet-dotted waters teeming with wildlife

Some people think they’ve “done” the Salish Sea or the Gulf Islands if they’ve visited Victoria and Salt Spring Island. They’ve seen only the tiniest, most human-impacted snippet.

Our trips leave off where the road ends and delve into an odyssey through geologic and human timescales, alongside sculpted sandstone shorelines, moist rainforests and eagles soaring along rocky bluffs.


Experience the entirety of this unique region, taking the time to get to know its rhythms and intricacies.

Set Sail

Adventure through passageways by sailboat.

Intertidal Life

Beach comb and explore alongside naturalist guides.

Homestead Visits

See pioneer history and its fruitful nature firsthand.

Greener Pastures

Walk through grasslands and Garry Oak Meadows.

Experience the Gulf Islands

See the Gulf Islands through the eyes of our guests.


Our tours allow you to experience the best of the Gulf Island’s National Park Reserve.

  • Small boat rides
  • Whale and bird watching
  • Natural history through hands-on experience
  • Village visits
  • Sailing (by sailing ship)
  • Moderate walking
  • Marine mammal viewing
  • Talks with your naturalist
  • Beach exploration
  • Kayaking

What People Say

What guests like you loved about Maple Leaf Adventures in the Gulf Islands.

    “This week has been indescribable. Thank you to the crew for an adventure that has been both restful and exciting. Amazing food, orcas, whales, and sailing the Salish Sea with Neil on the bowsprit. So many smiles and memories made. Thank you, thank you!”

    Sue Denton, Canmore, AB

    “What struck me the most was the love all the crew displayed for us, the boat and each other. All of you had an aura of joy surrounding you. I love the boat. You’ve done an amazing job of putting everything together and maintaining the Maple Leaf. It was a grand adventure for me seeing how everything works, from setting the sails, catching prawns, and determining where to anchor”

    Linda LeBlanc, Denver, CO, USA

    “I’ve been anticipating this trip for many years after reading about Maple Leaf in the LA Times. You have met and exceeded my expectations!”

    Anne Linn, Escondido, CA, USA

    “Wow!!! What an amazing adventure! Thanks to Maple Leaf Adventures for living up to their name. I loved the boat herself, so graceful and solid. Setting sail and steering her under sail was a real high point. I will highly recommend this trip to everyone I know”

    Gareth Dillistone, Regina, SK

Featured Wildlife

A haven for seabirds and marine mammals

With a variety of terrestrial and marine habitats, the Gulf Islands offer the opportunity to encounter wildlife around every corner.


Witness their natural behaviors and learn more about their fascinating social structures.

Humpback Whales

Known for their haunting songs and acrobatic displays, marvel as they migrate through the Gulf Islands.

Sea Lions

Observe the playful sea lions as they bask on rocks and showcase their vocal prowess.

Pacific White-Sided Dolphins

Known for their energetic displays, often leaping and riding the bow waves of our ships.

Cultural History

Rich and continuing culture spanning millennia.

Come to know the home territory of the Coast Salish First Nations. Learn about significant cultural sights and practices, and how alive and vibrant the culture is today.

Possibly enjoy a visit with a Coast Salish Elder and dear friend of Maple Leaf Adventures. 

The Seasons of the Gulf Islands

See Islands and Wildlife in Two Different States

Berry blossoms, wildflowers, and migrations of birds will greet you in the early spring months. Whales will be returning to the area, making possible the sightings of humpback and killer whales.

Marvel at the changing colours of the leaves as autumn turns the islands from green to brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds. Pick apples from wild trees on islands where few visit. Watch sea lions, humpback whales, and harbour seals fill themselves on small fish.

The Gulf Islands with Maple Leaf Adventures

Discover Ecological Wonders in this National Park Reserve

Travelling is a divine state, and exploring by boat is its purest form.

  • Semi-Mediterranean climactic conditions which bring an early spring and warm autumn.
  • A network of protected areas throughout the Gulf Islands make up the National Park Reserve, a strategy that is ecologically and community-minded.
  • Dry Rainforest with arbutus trees, island culture and Garry Oak Meadow ecosystems.
  • Seabird migrations and the Southern Resident Orca population.

Gulf Islands Itineraries

Choose from several unique itineraries in the calm of Spring or Fall.

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