Make The Season Of Change Life-Changing

Follow magnificent runs of wild salmon to the Great Bear Rainforest, or explore nearby ports dressed in autumnal reds.

Autumn Adventures in British Columbia

September to October

In the fall, we journey to one of Earth’s most spectacular natural regions, the Great Bear Rainforest, and later into the parts of Desolation Sound and the Gulf Islands that most people don’t get to see, as we island-hop in the company of whales and sea lions.

Each year as salmon return to their natal streams to spawn, coastal bears come out of the forest and into the estuaries to feed on the plenty. While mainly solitary animals, coastal bears display amazing interactions during the fall salmon runs. This occurs every season and is a crucial time for the bears as they build up their fat reserves before winter hibernation. Tours to see these foraging bears are led by our crew who are certified bear viewing guides. This is the only time of year with an opportunity to see the elusive Spirit Bear.

Fall Highlights

The start of autumnal showers are an unwelcome sight for some. Here on the coast of BC, they bring extraordinary wildlife events.

Safaris in the Great Bear Rainforest

On this safari, salmon are the wildebeest that attract the megafauna: orcas, bears, wolves and eagles. The coast’s intricate channels and creeks are the Serengeti plain.

Land Of The Spirit Bear

Experience the magic of the spirit bear, thought to be the rarest bear in the world, in its natural habitat. Only seen during the fall months.

The Stunning Waterways of Desolation Sound

One of the world’s most popular cruising destinations. We have the place to ourselves to enjoy whales and seabirds, forests, beaches and if lucky, a coastal bear.

Cruise The Gulf Islands In Autumn

Island hop the national park during its harvest season. Special culinary adventures invite you to discover the west coast’s vibrant wine or craft beer scene.

What People Say

See what previous guests have to say about our trips in the Fall.

    “Life has been busy since we returned from our Sept 6 – 14 Great Bear Rainforest tour and we are finally writing to you about our trip. It was a magical mystery tour indeed. Of course, that is because of the weather we were so lucky to have and the wildlife we were able to see. But in addition, it is your choice of staff and your attention to detail in every aspect”

    – Karen Selk, Tripadvisor

    “Well planned, well organized and perfectly executed eco-friendly adventure trip by Maple Leaf. Victoria staff and onboard crew friendly, energetic and thoughtful. Living onboard for 8 nights made the trip magical and exciting. The accommodation was cozy, warm and very clean. The meals were a culinary delight bursting with freshness and flavour”

    – GM53, Tripadvisor


Embark this fall on remarkable journeys along the BC coastline.

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