Communicable Disease Procedures

We do not require proof of covid-19 vaccination for our trips. However, we encourage all guests to stay up to date on their health management, including vaccinations and boosters.

Crew will conduct a health screening at boarding time. This can include a symptom check, but does not necessarily include rapid testing unless a guest is visibly ill and showing symptoms of COVID-19.

A guest who shows symptoms of any communicable disease will isolate in their cabin (on Swell or Cascadia) or be evacuated if their condition or ship quarantine procedures require it. Visibly ill guests may not be able to board the sailing ship Maple Leaf as it features shared living areas. For this reason, we strongly encourage you purchase a good quality trip cancellation and interruption insurance policy.

As communicable disease polices and regulations change, we may update these policies as they will apply to your voyage.


Our policies have been developed in consultation with our medical consultant Dr Neil MacLean, Regional Medical Director with the Fraser Health and an authority on COVID and communicable diseases.