Covid-19 Policies and Practices

Covid-19 Policies and Practices

Safe Travels Stamp - WTTCOur top priority is ensuring the safety and health of the Maple Leaf Adventures guests and crew, as well as respecting the coastal communities we operate in.

Our yacht-based safaris are permitted by law to operate.

As a professional ecotourism company that has been operating in our coastal home for over thirty years, we make decisions with long-term thinking. To ensure everyone’s safety throughout the trip, we have adjusted our policies and practices.

As new information evolves, we will continue to adapt our policies.

Before departure:

  • Guests must review and sign the self-assessment information provided. The standard online self-assessment tool for BC is BC Thrive Health. Anyone experiencing symptoms will not be permitted to participate in the trip.
  • For 2021, prior testing and post-testing isolation will be required. Details to follow this winter, and these policies will be updated as new information is provided by our government.
  • Crew have been tested and isolated before working on board.

During the Trip: 

  • Crew and guests will be monitored daily for Covid-19 symptoms. Anyone who experiences an onset of symptoms will be asked to self-isolate within their cabin. Self-isolation should continue for a period determined by the self-assessment tool, as well as following consultation with a medical practitioner. We have the ability for guests to be removed by medivac from the ship and would make appropriate arrangements for that if needed.
  • Non-medical face masks will be required for both guests and crew anytime 2 metres of physical distance cannot be maintained. For example, during all trips in the tenders and on board briefings. Crew will be wearing masks during meal service.
  • Crew will have access to appropriate personal protective equipment and will be taking extra steps to increase our frequency of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing in accordance with federal and provincial health authority guidelines. This includes thorough cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces every two hours while guests are on board, regular handwashing, hand sanitizer stations throughout the ship, limiting the number of crew members handling food plates, and the use of an eletro-statically charged fogger machine for disinfecting all types of surfaces within public spaces within minutes, and during cabin turnovers.
  • Food service will consist of our usual high-end plated meals, served by crew along with individually plated or wrapped snacks. Buffet-style food services will not be available, and the dining program and places will be managed according to social distancing protocols.
  • Our trips take place in the natural world, far from communities and other people. Once we begin our trip, we are in splendid isolation in nature.
  • There is plenty of deck space with seating on our ships to enjoy the pure, fresh air of the west coast. Most on board cabins have doors and windows that open to the fresh air outside. All shared spaces have plenty of fresh air moving through them from doors opening to the deck.

At this time, our trips will not be entering any First Nations or small coastal communities to respect their wishes and ensure their safety.