Food Infused with the Natural Environment

On each tour, enjoy exquisite meals prepared daily with fresh ingredients by our on-board chef. Delicious creations will flow from the galley as fresh-baked goods emerge during coffee and tea time, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal is prepared with great thought and precision.

Our chefs take great pleasure in infusing their creations with the food that may be harvested by the crew and guests on trip. 

Just because you are on an adventurous expedition, does not mean you have to forgo good food; we welcome you aboard to try our west-coast contemporary cuisine.

Accommodating Your Dietary Needs

Our goal is for you to enjoy your whole experience aboard the ship; we want you to enjoy every part of your day from dawn to dusk, and this includes the food on your plate.

We are happy to accommodate your dietary needs. Our chefs want to ensure that you will enjoy your meal as much as they do!