Custom Charters

Charter one of our expeditions on beautiful, yacht-like ships, in British Columbia or Alaska.

The Benefits of Chartering

Leaving everyday patterns and administration behind and experience an adventure together.

  • – Families / friends: Our crew and guides are skilled not just as mariners and interpreters, but also in creating fun, “transformative” escapes.
  • – Retreats / meetings: Whether it’s a luxury yacht to conduct your meeting with adventures to provide connection and perspective, or a leadership development program, we can deliver it for you. 

Our ships fit different sizes and types of groups — let us help you choose the one that is right for you.

We’ll customize a trip to your desires. We’ll make all the logistical details and headaches disappear, so that you can focus on a great experience with one another.





Multi-Generational or Family & Friends Trips

Our family adventures are active family vacations and they are customized to your family’s age, interests, and enjoyments.

There is so much to do, see and experience on a trip that there are plenty of things that appeal to all age groups.

Imagine an odyssey by sailing ship, classic tugboat or luxury catamaran, through one of the planet’s greatest nature reserves: Alaska & British Columbia’s Inside Passage.

You and your family will cruise the coastal islands, go ashore frequently and discover the nature, wildlife, and culture of the coast.

View whales up close, hike the rainforest with your engaging naturalist, hear the history of coastal First Nations in an ancient village site with an elder as your guide.

Activities can include:

  • – Walking or hiking
  • – Kayaking
  • – Fishing
  • – Beach combing
  • – Learning from the naturalist
  • – Wildlife viewing (whales, bears, etc depending on location)
  • – Steering the ship and learning navigation
  • – Foraging for local foodstuffs; talking with the chef about preparing it
  • – Learning traditional skills, whether from indigenous elders or marine crew
  • – Cultural history and visiting historic sites
  • – Hot springs and /or hot tub soaks
  • – Sailing
  • – Exploring the biology of the ocean with plankton tow and microscope; intertidal life explorations
  • – Cruising and watching the beautiful scenery
  • – Zodiac and shore boat rides
  • – Beach fires and playing on the beach
  • – Time to relax and read or catch up in our cozy lounge areas
  • – Wine tasting or other local food producer visits

Education, Leadership, Sail Training Trips

Maple Leaf education and sail training programs provide exceptional experiences:

  • Team-building
  • Tall ship sail training
  • Leadership training
  • Coastal biology
  • Coastal history

For over two decades, Maple Leaf Adventures has taught groups of all ages to sail Maple Leaf and to appreciate the wildlife and culture of the coast.

We have been the official sail training vessel for the youth of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets since 1987 and have worked with several schools on special programs as well. Our crew are patient and enthusiastic instructors whose students excel.

Recommended ship: Maple Leaf


Business Group Trips

Charter one of our ships for a team-building trip or a business retreat. We’ll take care of all the food, beverage, hotel, transportation and trip planning details, and work with you on creating a great itinerary where focus work is combined with amazing exploration of the coast.

Shake off routine thinking that comes from a routine environment and expose your team to the infinite possibilities that come from minds opened by travel.

Recommended ships: Cascadia, Swell


Special Interest Trips

We are coastal experts in creating exceptional journeys that create awe and delight. Plus we have access to special protected areas all along the coast. Need something really out of the box for your group? Give us a call.

Recommended ships: Cascadia, Swell, Maple Leaf



Conservation Funding Trips

Maple Leaf has also led groups from the Royal British Columbia Museum and the Canadian Museum of Civilization, as well as conservation funders from across North America, on excursions to learn about the coast.

Our staff includes some of the leading scientists, educators and community members on the coast. Between them they have published scores of books and articles, developed many curricula, won many awards, and trained Canada’s youth delegation to the Rio Earth Summit.

The experience of travelling and exploring this beautiful world together helps focus people on the importance of protecting it, and helps people consider deeply what the solutions may be.

In one case, the first $10 million of the ground breaking Coast Opportunity Fund was committed on a funders trip aboard the Maple Leaf in the Great Bear Rainforest in 2002.

Recommended ships: Cascadia, Swell, Maple Leaf