Summer Adventures on the BC Coast

In the height of summer, we explore British Columbia’s wild west coast, far north of the Tofino crowds. From the white sandy beaches of Vancouver Island to the rocky shores and coves of the central coast, our Summer Series of Coastal Safaris offer a gateway to the iconic landscapes that shape our people, wildlife and culture.

What's Featured?

Coastal Safaris in Whale-Rich Channels

From the edge of the continental shelf off northwest Vancouver Island to the aptly named Whale Channel on the mainland coast, our expeditions take place across one of the richest coastal ecosystems in the world. Featuring marine mammals at their most active such as humpback whales, orcas and sea lions.

Off the beaten track adventures

You’ll walk among fjords and archipelagos that showcase the wild coast in ways most people have not experienced before. The places we travel are far-flung from crowded national parks. You’ll explore in small groups, living and dining aboard a luxury expedition yacht.

Rich And Continuing Indigenous Culture

Coastal First Nations have thrived sustainably on the coast for millennia. Their stories and teachings guide the interactions we make with the coast. Indigenous-guided experiences are featured on many of our summer itineraries.

Travel That's Regenerative

We offer human-scale, no-impact ways of exploring the coast. Eco-tourism is at our heart and there's opportunity to learn about local conservation efforts and connect with Indigenous leaders and scientists along the way, often as a part of our guiding crew.

Summer Itineraries

Whales and Wild Isles (5-Day)

5 days, 4 nights. Explore the fabled fjords and islands of the Great Bear Rainforest during the height of summer (early-August). Dramatic coastlines, glacier-cut fjords and spider-like estuaries support support an abundance of marine life, which arrive in these waters to feed on fish and krill. The summer is a peak time for exploring beaches, waterfalls, and river estuaries. This shorter five-day summer safari includes frequent shore trips, as well as fishing and kayaking opportunities. Think of it like a summer camp, all from the comfort of our expedition yachts.


Vancouver Island's Wild Side

7 days, 6 nights. Vancouver Island combines untamed shoreline, dense old-growth forest, and coastal mountains to offer up one of the most diverse ecosystems you’ll find anywhere. This July weeklong odyssey takes place off of the beaten track: the northmost point of the island to the wild west side.  You’ll walk in the rainforest, beachcomb on the sand, boat into wild creeks that empty into the ocean. All on a part of Vancouver Island most people never see. From the glacial refugium of Brooks Peninsula to Solander Island’s puffin colonies, this adventure by catamaran is for those seeking adventure beyond the norm.


Whales & Wild Isles of the Great Bear Rainforest

9 days, 8 nights. This epic summertime supervoyage is about whales, faraway islands and the oceanic world they roam. Cruise along the remote north and central coast of the Great Bear Rainforest by sailing ship or catamaran, where humpback whales and orcas come to migrate. You’ll beachcomb sandy coastline, where the only footprints you’ll find belong to the elusive sea wolf.  With so much time to explore the coast, you’ll leave with a deep understanding of its rhythms and intricacies. Regular shore trips across calm seas, with each day promising a new adventure. 




Whales & Totems

6 days, 5 nights. Discover the coast in ways that the first Indigenous explorers did. Sail away on summer breezes into Blackfish Sound in the southern Great Bear Rainforest. View orca, humpback whales, and other marine wildlife and learn about them in the context of a rich and continuing First Nations culture. This five-day adventure along the coast takes you to mainland fjords, white shell beaches and temperate rainforest aboard classic, 92-foot schooner. You won’t find cities or roads on this coastal safari, only ancient village sites brimming with culture.


Great Bear Rainforest & Kitlope

9 days, 8 nights. Deep in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest lies the Kitlope River valley, or Huchsduwachsdu (source of the milky blue waters) in the territory of the  Xenaksiala people. It’s the largest intact temperate rainforest on the planet. At the invitation of the Xenaksiala, we have navigated the valley and its surrounding fjords since the early 1990s. On this summer supervoyage to the Kitlope, you’ll also get to explore the surrounding Great Bear territory. This extended itinerary offers great opportunities for whale watching and exploring the remote beaches of the west coast aboard our go-anywhere, expedition style catamaran.