Painting landscapes, natural history, and culture inspire your artistic side on a tour that encourages painting and provides instruction. Join an expert naturalist and painting instructor on a journey where the studio is among islands and in the afternoon light of the forest. 

Here you will be able to dip your brush into watercolors that can transform your coastal view into works of art. Ample time in quiet breathtaking places will allow you to dive into sketch books, and follow tutorials on drawing and painting. just the right patch of moss to nestle into while painting in the forest, or pull up a comfortable seat aboard the ship while you sketch the seascape around. Whether and expert or beginner a painting tour is suited for

Trip Itineraries

Haida Gwaii + Emily Carr
Haida Gwaii + Emily Carr and Art

Step aboard and into a world of art and Haida culture. Be inspired by the same landscapes that Emily Carr once painted. Join artist Alison Watt for art lessons and plein air painting in nature. Take shore trips and visit ancient Haida village sites....