099-P1010035Discover a vibrant colourful world throughout the temperate rainforest, coastal islands, and deep fjords that will inspire the photographer in you.  Dramatic landscapes with cascading waterfalls, towering mountain peaks, idyllic islands, lush green forests, and ocean sunsets come into focus throughout our journeys. 

Lighting, timing, and incredible wild life events often come together to create wonderful opportunities for photography. Whales, bears, bird life, and an endless array of marine life are just some of the wonders one may see.  GH_Trip1_May2015_mcm_071

Crew members with ample photography experience are delighted to share their expertise with those who are interested. Knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife, they will guide you to places that will allow you to capture memories in photographs that you can share with family and GH_Trip1_May2015_mcm_088friends for years to come.

Whether you shoot with a high end SLR or a small point and shoot, every camera captures a unique part of this coast that
is able to come home with you. 

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