Sailing VacationWith two masts and five incredible sails the Maple Leaf is a great sight when under sail, and an even greater feeling. The ideal vessel for a sailing vacation. On a Maple Leaf sailing trip you can assist crew hoist the main and foresail to experience first hand what it is like to sail a classic wooden vessel. Once the sails are set take hold of the helm and feel in your hands the power of the wind and sail as they work together to bring momentum to the ship. 

Maple Leaf sails include a jib, a staysail, a foresail (gaff-rigged), a mainsail (half the size of a basketball court!), and a square fisherman sail (a schooner’s equivalent of a spinnaker). 

Any of our trips aboard the SV Maple Leaf are sailing ship trips.Broughton-Archipelago-small

The trips that tend to have the best sailing opportunities are:

  • Gulf Islands National Park
  • Vancouver Island’s Inside Passage
  • Haida Gwaii