Naturalist Jackie Hilderling Wins Prestigious Conservation Award

Congratulations to Jackie Hilderling, who some of you may know from our Whales & Totems trips in the Broughton Archipelago. The Vancouver Aquarium is awarding her the 2010 Ralph A. Newman Award for Excellence in Aquatic Conservation.

Previous recipients of this award include Dr. Alexandra Morton, the Honourable John Fraser and Rick Hansen.

Jackie was nominated for the work she has done as the Communications Director for Save Our Salmon foundation, as well as for her work in educating people of all ages about our marine world. You may also have heard of her initiative with the Humpback Comeback project, in a national competition to raise $25,000 for studies of humpback whale entanglements in fishing gear on our coast.

Hooray, Jackie!

Here is a short video a with a bit of interpretation by Jackie from an October 2010 Whales & Totems trip.

You may also enjoy Jackie’s wonderful marine naturalist website, The Marine Detective.

Here is the Save Our Salmon foundation website and that of the Humpback Comeback Project.