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Baby for Lila!
Lila and Finnigan

Lila and Finnigan in their Maple Leaf tops : )

Chef Lila and her partner, Justin, are the happy new parents of a baby boy, Finnigan.

He arrived this spring, a month early, and Lila and Justin spent a few weeks visiting him in a Victoria hospital nursery before taking him home to the Comox Valley.

They were grateful for the out-of-town parents’ residence, Jeneece Place, that had just opened up in Victoria, and which removed one area of stress from that emotional first week.

This summer, Lila sent us this photo of her and Finnigan in the tiny Maple Leaf hoodie we gave him.

Paul Smith’s Fine Woodworking

One of Paul's recent pieces - a storage bench.

Paul Smith, whom many of you know as a first mate on Maple Leaf, has completed the well-known fine furniture program at Victoria’s Camosun College, with many accolades.

Paul has already produced some gorgeous – and functional – creations and is available for custom work. If you have taken a look at the varnish work on Maple Leaf’s aft deck seats or galley table recently, or if you’ve had a chance to see the new fridge lids installed in the galley in mid-August 2012, you’ll know about Paul’s painstaking attention to detail and craftsmanship.

If you’re in the mood for a beautiful chair, bench, table, lamp or anything else made from wood, check out Paul’s portfolio here.