Black Out Speak Out – Wilderness Tourism – Maple Leaf Adventures

Maple Leaf Adventures’ business relies on the healthy, wild and unpolluted environment of the BC and Alaska coast.

This includes: healthy runs of salmon, healthy populations of small fish in the sea, healthy blooms of krill, clean rivers and ocean, protected ancient rainforest, and the economic value of intact ecosystems to be counted for in activities that could impact the coast. It includes the habitat and food requirements of killer whales, humpback whales, fin whales, grizzly bears, spirit /black bears, salmon, krill, seabirds, intertidal life, shellfish and small fish.

We have concerns that fisheries protection and fish habitat protection, environmental protection and research, and the right to free and proper debate about our commons is being suppressed. This is not just an environmental concern, it’s a business concern for BC’s valuable wilderness tourism industry. To learn more visit