Can You Find Me a River?

Can You Find Me a River?


Can you find me a river where the salmon run free?

Can you find a coastal river that runs to the sea?

A river of nurture in all rainforest delight.

A river to carry memories for the rest of my life.


Can you find me a mountain with a waterfall of tears?

Granite grey and silent from bedrock it rears.

Mountain guardian of islets, inlets and streams.

Enclosing rainforest secrets myths and dreams.


Can you find me an estuary, green and gold in the sun?

Can you find me the estuary where grizzly bears run?

Where autumn finds spent salmon and meadows ripe with seed.

Fall in the estuary meets all hungry needs.


You found me an estuary and it washed clean my soul.

You found me a mountain ringed round in sunset gold.

You found me a river full teaming with life.

I am enriched, warm and cleansed of all strife.


Poem by guest, Marion Freeman

Photo by Greg Shea