Gulf Islands Sail Training with Youth Trips, March 2010

Maple Leaf and her crew have been out in the Gulf Islands over the past few weeks, with our team-building and sail training program for youth.

The earlyish spring this year is glorious in the islands – making for great sailing and also just great days of being alive and cruising the channels and islands of this beautiful green and blue world.

A couple of notes from Capt. James Warburton and Capt. Kevin Smith:

  • Watched a group of transient killer whales at a stellar sea lion haul out, mid-trip on our first trip out.
  • Post from the ship: “Sailed right past a brown pelican today in BC waters. I know we’ve had a warm Spring but wasn’t expecting that.”
  • Post from the ship: “Less than 1 hour till Spring Equinox. And already a gorgeous morning in the Gulf Islands it is going to be a great year.”