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All photos were taken by Maple Leaf guests or crew on actual trips with Maple Leaf. Here is the story behind each one…

Newsletter banner – A beautiful October evening in the Broughton Archipelago, at the edge of Queen Charlotte Strait. The Maple Leaf is moored in the mid-ground, and the crew brought her guests out for a view of the sunset. Taken on a Whales & Totems trip by Kevin Smith.

Kevin and Maureen – A winter afteroon found Kevin, Maureen and a big albacore tuna on the deck of Maple Leaf, in Victoria’s Inner Harbour, for a newspaper photo to celebrate Maple Leaf’s becoming the founding adventure travel partner for the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program. Taken by Paul Smith.

Photo of the month – Sailing the fjords of the Great Bear Rainforest on a beautiful September day. Taken on a Great Bear Rainforest trip by James Warburton.

Inside Passage – A view from the deck in spring in the Great Bear Rainforest. Photo by Kevin Smith.

The mortuary and memorial poles at SGang Gwaay aka Ninstints – Taken on a Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands trip by Kevin Smith.

Giant tortoise – A wild giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands – we are not sure if there is a face with more character on it! Taken on a Galapagos trip by Kevin Smith.

Kevin in a Maple Leaf / Patagonia fleece – Classy and cozy at the same time. We think Capt. Kevin is explaining something about steering the ship to one of our guests, who is standing next to him at the helm. Photo by Paul Smith, on a Gulf Islands National Park trip.

Shipyard – The Maple Leaf, swaddled in tarps to keep out the snow. Taken by James Warburton at shipyard 2011.

Guests on an Alaska trip – In the coastal rainforest. Photo by Stephen Anstee.

Grizzly mum and cub – Taken by Paul Smith on a Great Bear Rainforest trip.

Maple Leaf and humpback whale – This humpback whale is “flick feeding” in Juan Perez Sound, Haida Gwaii. Taken by Kevin Smith on a Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands trip.

Kevin Smith with camera – Taken by Paul Smith on a Gulf Islands National Park trip


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