Commercial Bear Viewing Association Raises $300,000 For Bear Conservation

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Photo: Greg Shea, Maple Leaf Adventures

We’re thrilled to celebrate the Commercial Bear Viewing Association’s (CBVA) remarkable milestone in its mission to protect British Columbia’s bears. Through its Conservation Licence Fee initiative, the association and its members have raised approximately $300,000 to support bear conservation projects over three years.

The Conservation Licence Fee program, now in its third year, is an innovative approach to sustainable wildlife tourism. Commercial bear viewing operators, including Maple Leaf Adventures, voluntarily contribute a portion of their profits to conserve bear populations and their habitats.

This is an example of ecotourism in action: trips taken with Maple Leaf Adventures provide unforgettable experiences for visitors and make a tangible impact on preserving wildlife and ecosystems.

The funds raised through the Conservation Licence Fee program will support various conservation projects, including habitat restoration, research, education, and community outreach initiatives. By investing in these efforts, CBVA aims to ensure the long-term survival of bear populations and foster greater awareness of the importance of conservation among visitors and local communities.

“We believe responsible tourism can be a powerful force for positive change,” said Katherine MacRae, executive Director of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association. “Through initiatives like the Conservation Licence Fee, we are not only protecting bears and their habitats but also fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world.”

Maple Leaf Adventures is proud to be a founding member of CBVA. In fact, owner Kevin Smith, now serves as the association’s president. On a Maple Leaf Adventures trip, you’ll be led by certified bear viewing guides dedicated to observing bears responsibly and safely.

Learn more about bear viewing on our trips and join us in our commitment to protecting bears and their habitats for generations to come.


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