South Solo: Kayaking to Save the Albatross by Hayley Shephard

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Naturalist Hayley Shephard’s book is out!

Publisher’s Description:
South Solo
is a captivating story that follows one woman’s unrelenting desire to solo kayak the most challenging waters on the planet for the sake of saving an animal whose future is uncertain.

It is a book that has everything – adventure, nature, conservation, love and following dreams.

Review from
“I could not put this book down once I started it. The writer puts you right there in her adventurous life and in the beautiful island of South Georgia. It is as though you too are kayaking and involved in the journey. It is truly inspiring story! I feel like a changed person!

“I know that’s a lot to say for a book, but it is really true. Hayley’s way with words is second to none. Her outlook on life is positive and enthusiastic, the way she views a set back as merely a challenge to overcome and welcome it as an opportunity for an even greater adventure. I now have a completely new view on Plan B’s or C’s or D’s! And, to top it off, my kids were fascinated by Hayley’s story and took great enjoyment in the photos. I recommend this book to everyone.

“It has something for you no matter what your interests and it leaves you feeling empowered and inspired. A great gift for friends and family.”

You can buy Hayley’s book directly from her at


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