Three reasons people are booking private family trips now

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by Amelia Johnston, Maple Leaf Adventures

At Maple Leaf Adventures, we have noticed a trend. More people are inquiring about booking an entire ship adventure for their family or close group of friends – often referred to as their ‘bubble’ in these times of COVID.

We have ended up putting together a special program called ‘Float with Your Bubble’! It’s for people seeking private adventures this year. Here is what we have learned along the way about why people are seeking this unique travel experience this year:

1-      Travel with the safety of your own ‘bubble’ 

Your regular cohort – the people you spend time with and consider part of your immediate ‘bubble’ – are a ready-made group to take a vacation with. No need to bring strangers into your mix. Curated adventures in nature, like ours, appeal to many different interests. They make the perfect getaway for a diverse group of people.

Imagine an odyssey by sailing ship, classic tugboat, or luxury catamaran through British Columbia or Southeast Alaska. 

Groups of up to eight guests aboard SV Maple Leaf, 12 on MV Swell, or 24 on MV Cascadia can book our entire ship for a week of wilderness exploration. Activities range from viewing wildlife to kayaking, exploring wild beaches and rainforest with the naturalist, fishing, or foraging for food the chef will prepare, sunset beach fires, stargazing, and a lot more. See the full list of activities below.

2-      Travel in the great outdoors 

Everyone knows that fresh air and the quiet expanses of nature are the best places to be these days. So, people are seeking out vacations in nature this year.

Our trips take place in the wildest reaches of the British Columbia and Alaska coast. Wake up to the smell of the cedar rainforest as it wafts through your cabin, spend time watching the mountainous coastline go by on our open deck plans, or take in the quiet anchorage while you’re curled up with a blanket in a cozy outdoor chair.

Once you and your family are aboard, you are literally in a nature bubble – traveling through nature without needing to interact with anyone else for the entire week.

Furthermore, you can choose how private your method of getting to the trip is. You can reach our ships by car, plane or, if you are so inclined, arrive straight to the ship by private helicopter or floatplane.

3 – All-inclusive experience

In these stressful times, COVID is complicated enough. So, people like the idea of leaving trip logistics to us – we make sure all details are taken care of and everyone’s safety is ensured. So, all you need to do is relax and delight in the natural world.

Our trips are all-inclusive, there are no hidden fees or extra charges once aboard. We’ll make all the logistical details and headaches disappear so that you can focus on a great experience with your own ‘bubble’.

What’s included?

  • – All accommodations, including comfortable, classic shipboard accommodations with fluffy duvets, and local lodges if your trip includes a lodge stay.
  • – All shore trips, wildlife viewing, and zodiac excursions guided by our expert, knowledgeable crew/ guides. All cultural site visits, and all additional local guides.
  • – All meals and snacks prepared freshly for you by our chef. Meals feature great variety and highlight local, fresh specialties.
  • – All beverages including coffee, tea, juices, and sodas, filtered water, plus wine, and craft beer with dinner.
  • – The services of our naturalist and crew both aboard the ship and ashore. These caring, entertaining, and knowledgeable people are your hosts for the trip, always available for questions, teaching, or conversation.
  • – Use of gear on board including kayaks, rain boots, fishing gear, etc…

Our family adventure holidays are active family vacations, and they are customized to your family’s age, interests, and enjoyments. There is so much to do, see, and experience on a trip that there are plenty of things that appeal to all age groups. You and your family will cruise the coastal islands, go ashore frequently and discover the nature, wildlife, and culture of the coast.

Typical activities: 

  • – Rainforest walks
  • – Beachcombing
  • – Exploring by small boat
  • – Wildlife viewing
  • – Coastal village visits
  • – Cultural site visits and experiences
  • – Photography
  • – Natural history learning, in all environments, with our naturalist
  • – Sailing (sailings ship only)
  • – Kayaking (optional)
  • – Hiking
  • – Cruising
  • – Fishing (with a license)
  • – Foraging (sea asparagus, berries, and other items, as seasonably available and as appropriate and sustainable)
  • – Whale identification for research (on trips with whales)
  • – Beach campfire and stargazing
  • – Personalized slideshow made of your trip and sent to you

How to Float With Your Own Bubble

We have limited dates and capacity available, so if you would like to float with your own bubble, here is how to get started:


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