4 Insights for Traveling Solo on an Expedition Cruise

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Below we share insights into what it is like to travel aboard our small ship expedition cruises as a solo traveler, from our experience and from that of a a seasoned guest, Marion Freeman.

Marion says that a trip with Maple Leaf Adventures “satisfies a personal and spiritual need to connect with views of a world that aligns with my core values.” As is frequent, Marion’s partner doesn’t seek the same sort of travel experiences as she does, so a few years ago she decided to search for a “different sort of travel experience that opens up a world you wouldn’t have even thought of.” She’s kayaked the Arctic and explore the entire coast on board Maple Leaf and Swell.

1. Meeting New People

Traveling solo doesn’t have to be lonely. Expedition trips attract like-minded people and are a great way to explore new areas and meet new friends, whether they’re 30 years old or 80! Depending on which Maple Leaf Adventures ship you travel on, there are 7 to 23 other guests aboard who are sharing the experiences with you. And, your crew/guides are essentially already a number of other, “built-in” solo travellers to share the journey with!

2. Accommodations

On expedition cruises, you spend more time on shore excursions, watching the world on deck, or fueling your adventures with meals or talks with naturalists, rather than in your cabin. As a result, while a comfy place to retreat and sleep is important, it’s not the be-all and end-all on board. As a solo traveller with Maple Leaf Adventures, you can choose different accommodation options:

> Semi-private shared space, separate bunks, on sailing ship Maple Leaf with no solo supplement,

> Private cozy cabin on tugboat Swell with 50% single supplement,

> Large ensuite cabins with paired accommodations on catamaran Cascadia. We will pair you with another same-sex traveler who is looking to share.

> Large private cabin on catamaran Cascadia with 50% single supplement.

Marion, who has mostly traveled aboard Maple Leaf, fondly recalls that one of her main takeaways as a solo traveler is relearning the ability to ‘go with the flow’ and adapt to the rhythm of the ship. You quickly “learn to live without essentials” such as wifi and total privacy aboard Maple Leaf, which by the end of the trip results in a wonderful camaraderie that is shared between guests and crew alike.

3. Solo is Not Single

Whether you are married and looking for your own adventures such as Marion, single and your friends aren’t able to join you, recently widowed, or just prefer to adventure by yourself, ‘solo travel’ on an expedition cruise is much different than a ‘single’s cruise’.

4. The Crew Are Your Friends (and Extended Family)

We call our guests our Maple Leaf Adventures Family for a reason. Months and years go by and some who traveled aboard still stay in touch with their crew aboard their ship. Your crew are not just there to work on the ship, rather they are also your personal guides and hosts. We have an open wheelhouse policy, so if you’d rather learn from the captain or learn directly from our expert naturalist, they would love to chat with you.

Do you have a solo travel experience you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you.


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