Expedition Notes: Alaska Supervoyage aboard Swell

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Naturalist Phil Stone aboard MV Swell reports from Frederick Sound, Alaska:
The rivers are full and the salmon running. We’re seeing brown bears regularly and the guests delighting in watching them swimming the river pools, rock-hopping and feasting on the pink salmon.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon exploring Warm Springs Bay with hiking to the bog culture at the lake, kayaking into the saltwater lagoon and an optional skiff ride along the shore. As we pulled out into Chatham Strait the wheelhouse answered a call for assistance from a local Alaskan gill netter who had lost power. Fortunately the sea conditions were calm and Captain Dave Hollis orchestrated a towing operation to bring the vessel back into the dock at Warm Springs Bay. Yes! M.V. Swell had a chance to feel the strain of a tow load once more and rose to the challenge of safely delivering the fishing boat and her crew to harbour, her powerful engine barely registering the task.
We re-worked our voyage plan and spent the night in Warm Springs Bay as well and are now headed out across Frederick Sound with the sun peering through a calm foggy morning, in search of humpback whales and glacier ice.
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