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Great Bear Rainforest IMAX

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People used to look at us like an alien when we said we had a very small boat that took people to see fjords and bears on British Columbia’s central coast.

Few had heard of these areas. Or could fathom why you’d want to go. But we, and a handful of others who live here, believed in the power of these places to trans-form people’s spirits.
So we slogged away – maintaining our vessels; convincing decision makers to protect places for intact wilderness, and operating our trips.

Now, decades later, people from around the world have shown that our faith in these spectacular parts of our home was not misplaced. The Great Bear Rainforest is about to be the subject of an IMAX that will be released in theatres this coming February.

Bears that we’ve known for years walk in front of the giant screen – the audience gasps. We’ve watched these bears grow and have cubs of their own. Each year our small ships return to the quiet estuaries and fjords that make up this magical place, we are honoured to be able to greet each bear like a friend. They’ve become more comfortable with our presence, as we bob alongside in our tenders; they know we mean no harm.

We are thrilled to see their stories told to all who watch.

For about the same length of time that Maple Leaf has been exploring this 6.4-million-hectare region, Karen and Ian McAllister of Pacific Wild have been doing the same. Thanks to their explorations, their photography, writing and videography, as well as their tireless advocacy, millions of people know and now love the Great Bear Rainforest. And thanks to those efforts, as well as those of filmmaker Jeff Turner and the support of many others, including our industry colleagues, this incredible IMAX about our coast will be the next closest thing there is to exploring it.

Will you be heading to your local IMAX to watch the film?

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