Great Bear Rainforest

Reader’s Digest / Global TV feature on Great Bear Rainforest & Enbridge Northern Gateway Controversy

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This is a very readable, thoroughly researched piece – with beautiful photography as well – about the proposal to run hundreds of oil supertankers through the Great Bear Rainforest.

So we wanted to recommend it to you. You can read it here.

Why we like it

We met the writers and photographers at an Explorer’s Club meeting earlier this year and were impressed with the amount of time they devoted to exploring the place, meeting and understanding the local perspective.

We appreciate that they interviewed Enbridge and tried to interview the Canadian government (a project proponent) for the piece. And also that they included mention of the tens of thousands of jobs and billions of revenues in the adventure tourism and fishing/mariculture industry on the coast that would be threatened by this proposed project.

Maple Leaf Adventures is a business, albeit an ecotourism business, and we are not against business. We do not support the proposal though, and made an official submission to the government’s Joint Review Panel about our reasons. We’ll share that soon.

Meanwhile, this article is a great summary. A televised version will be broadcast tonight on Global TV at 10 pm ET, 9 PM CT, 8 PM AT/MT. No word on if it’s to be broadcast in the Pacific time zone.



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