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UNWTO: Well Managed Sustainable Tourism Protects Wetlands

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If you’ve experienced the BC/Alaska coast with Maple Leaf, then you will understand the reasoning behind this recent announcement by the UN World Tourism Organization and Ramsar Secretariat.

Here is the start of the announcement of the results of 14 case studies on the subject:

Whether kayaking in the Iberá Marshes in Argentina or bird-watching at Ba-Be Lake in Vietnam [or viewing grizzly bears, wolves and birds in Alaska and British Columbia! –adds Maple Leaf], tourists are providing income for the conservation of wetlands worldwide, as demonstrated in a new publication launched by the Ramsar Secretariat and UNWTO.

“Besides providing essential services such as water, food and energy, wetlands offer significant opportunities for tourism, which can in turn deliver economic benefits for local communities and the sustainable management of wetlands, according to the publication Destination Wetlands: Supporting Sustainable Tourism.

“Growth in sustainable tourism not only reflects environmental realities, but also a desire from tourists themselves to embrace green tourism. “There is a trend among tourists of turning towards green forms of tourism, towards destinations that offer wildlife and heritage,” said Cristian Barhalescu, State Secretary, Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism of Romania. “As wetlands, with their diversity and richness, become subject to tourism development, the interconnection between tourism and wetlands should be given special attention by all actors involved.” ”

And if you want to experience the wetlands of the BC Alaska coast, and their amazing wildlife, you can view our expedition cruises by sail here.


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