Haida Gwaii

Expedition Notes: Haida Gwaii aboard Cascadia, 2019

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Photo by Simon Ager

From satellite update by naturalist, Jo Hager.

“Greetings from Cascadia and Hotsprings Island where here we are soaking in the renewed springs, breathing in the fresh air and stunning mountain views. Several intrepid souls are excitedly
dunking in the ocean, our way of celebrating the summer solstice and the joy of being alive. Every day of our journey has brought moments such as this – vivid, intense, full of shared
wonder and a deepening appreciation for Haida Gwaii’s rich and complex tapestry of nature, culture, and history.

“Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise,” seems an appropriate sentiment. From a dying Pacific Octopus to a Bald Eagle hunting a Common Merganser chick, deer exclosures to monumental cedars
to the winter blowdowns at SGang Gwaay, from welcoming Haida Watchmen to indifferent Steller Sea Lions, the dynamic nature of this place and its’ people has kept us enthralled and humbled.

For me, however, the greatest gift has been the chance to spend these precious days with such kind, fun, engaging, interesting, and “up-for-anything” people. Hawaa to you all for sharing your
stories, your knowledge, and your passion.” – June, 2019


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