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Expedition Notes: Vancouver Island Inside Passage Apr 25-May 2, 2017

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MV Swell has now worked her way north through Vancouver Island’s Inside Passage, an epic journey through a multitude of ecosystems. From the dry grasslands and arbutus of the Gulf Islands to the lush greens of the Broughton Archipelago, the guests and crew were treated to a few unique experiences that remind us why each each trip is special in its own way.

A trip highlight occurred when on zodiac expedition, a female grizzly was spotted along the shoreline, the guests and crew observed her quietly from the tenders as she foraged along the rocky terrain. Dall’s porpoise and a humpback whale greeted the Swell coming through Blackfish Sound. Marine mammal sightings are often unplanned, especially in waters as abundant with life as these, so are always special to be part of. In the Broughton Archipelago, a marine park located in the southern Great Bear Rainforest, another highlight consisted of exploring Mamalilikulla. This First Nations village site, located on Village Island, has a rich past. Giant timbers of longhouses continue to stand from years past and fallen totems depict the history of those who lived there and whose descendants live in the region.

Next, Swell will be journeying further into the depths of the Great Bear Rainforest and Kitlope valley.

Interested in our Vancouver Island Inside Passage trip? Find our 2018 schedule here.


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