7 Ways to Replace Your International Trip with a Canadian Alternative

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Can’t take your Italian adventure to Tuscany or your African safari this year? You might be surprised to find a comparable alternative in Canada!

In the last 20 years, the experiences that Canadian tourism operators offer has evolved from the mass market model of tourism (e.g., Niagara Falls or the CN Tower) to include rich, immersive, and personalized experiences: walking polar bear safaris from luxury lodges; culinary adventures by yacht among BC’s wild islands; heli dog-sledding by moonlight.

This year, many Canadians are seeking a replacement for an overseas trip and are looking at Canada in a new way. To help, we looked at the experiences we offer and created a “Translate Your Trip” article to help others do the same. We hope you enjoy exploring it!

Learn more about these boutique expeditions on the British Columbia and Alaska coast, or for the specific options listed above:

Wines and Islands (instead of Italian foodie holiday)

Great Bear Rainforest (instead of Africa safari)

Haida Gwaii (instead of Galapagos or Petra in Jordan)

Alaska Adventure (instead of Antarctica)

Vancouver Island’s Wild Side / NW (instead of St Lucia or Bali)

Gulf Islands (instead of Croatian or Greek Islands)

Kitlope Supervoyage (instead of Vietnam or Myanmar)


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