Barbara Webber

Thank you so much Captain and Crew. A wonderful experience! “There it is!” “No, there are two!” “No, Three!” “There’s another black one!” “A mother and two cubs coming your way” “There they are!” “Watch the body language. If she’s still eating, she’s not worried about us.” “They’re so loud. Are they always that noisy?” “Let’s stay in a group. We’ll be a big animal, and she won’t want to bother with us.” “Bald eagle, straight ahead.” “Look, on that branch.” “Whoa- just about lost my boot in the mud there!” “Wrist-to-wrist. Grab a hold, I’ll help you up.” “The salmon are stacked two-to-three deep in that pole.” “Have they reached their spawning grounds yet?” “There’s no such things as a bad weather day, just inadequate clothing!” “Love these rain pants” “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh- it’s white!”